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“Car in Tulsa, 1967” Deck

Larry Clark’s collection of lost photos from the early sixties to mid-seventies that was never seen before. Thought lost for nearly two decades in a suitcase only to be re-discovered by an old friend of Clark’s.

Inside this suitcase, a virtual time capsule of sorts, were several vintage prints: iconic images from Tulsa and Teenage Lust as well as other out-takes from the books. These black and white photos are all original to Clark’s active period in which he captured the imaginations and adolescent subcultures of the real life characters from his experiences in Oklahoma to New York. Of the photographs, Clark excitedly wanted to share “my personal favorite shot of this ‘Car‘ in Tulsa” to fans.

Designed with the Artist in NYC. Limited run of 100.

The skateboard consists of seven layers of Canadian maple wood with perfect pressing made in Europe.

All sales final, no exchanges or returns.